Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Picturesque views lay beyond our coach window on the way from the airport to our hotel. Displays of palms leaves and pastel homes stacked upon each other on the miles of mountains. The stunning island seems to have so much beauty on offer that I can’t wait to discover.

Many days of our trip involved luxurious lounging around the pool, eating ice cream and enjoying the sun. On day two, we headed to the nearest bus stop at the top of a hill and went to the beach. Tall palm trees swayed in the gentle breeze and steady mountains watched us explore. People trying to sell us cheap watches along the beachfront; others persuaded us to stop and eat in their restaurant. The buzz from tourists was addictive. After stopping for lunch, the sea waved us off as cars climbed up the rocky terrain, weaving through a maze of hotels and gift shops.

Whizzing, wurling, twisting and turning, we threw ourselves down waterslides at Aqualand. The screams and splashes represented the excitement of friends and families, both children and adults. We got there very early so we could zoom onto the slides, avoiding queues, and did every one in no time. A favourite slide was the Anaconda which was a snake of tubes that circled down cliffs. The whole park seemed to be built on a mountain slope. Dragging boats up hills and slipping back down in seconds, it was a long day full of adrenaline, fun and amusement.

Day four, we woke up bright and early to get a taxi to Playa Del Ingles where there are the dunes in which Maspalomas is famous for. Walking across the strip of restaurants, mountains of sand lay before us in which we ventured towards. The landscape appeared other worldly, as though I had stepped into the setting for a sci-fi movie. Climbing, we went up, on, and over dunes that had the most spectacular views of beach fronts and the shimmering sea. Sand tickling my toes as I ran down the sandy hills, I felt an extreme sense of emancipation. The crunch of sand made the landscape feel like snow despite temperatures only ascending. After running up and down dunes, we headed back the way we came and had a cultural meal of paella and canarian potatoes.

The stunning food and panoramic views of the sea and mountains will be greatly missed. Another beautiful and relaxing adventure complete.


4 thoughts on “Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

  1. Off to Gran Canaria in January 19.
    So looking forward to our Winter break after reading your very descriptive information of Maspolomas area


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