Rome, Italy


As soon as I arrived there was an array of bellissimo buildings and a scatter of vehicles and locals. On the coach driving closer to the centre of the city, the winding streets only got busier with tourists and meandering mopeds.

A gentle half an hour stroll towards the colosseum revealed a display of historic architecture and ruins, surrounded by crowds of various cultures and ethnicities. The thirty degree sun and blue skies beamed through the windows and bricks full of history, over looking the thousands of visitors every day. Licking a gelato ice cream underneath the colosseum, it was like sitting in a photograph.


After watching sunrise, where little specks of pink shon trough blueish-grey clouds, I got the train to Ottaviano, next to Vatican City. At St Peter’s square hundred of people, including catholics and nuns, queued to enter The Sistine Chapel. The busy atmosphere was quite chaotic so I headed towards the river for more peaceful walk.

Climbing steps up a hill, I reached a view point in which many would consider the best views in the city – Faro al Gianicolo. Here you overlook the cathedrals, museums, galleries and apartments dotted around Rome. Walking back down the river, I made the half an hour walk towards my next destination: the Spanish steps.

Strolling down a street of designer stores, I faced the tall steps which had a beautiful white building at the top. Many tourists sat on the stairs and around the fountain at the bottom, posing and taking photos.

A short walk to the Trevi fountains was next as I watched crystal clear water fall gracefully on the glowing architecture and between statues. I roamed down a cobble street full of performers and artists, restaurants and bars, stalls and people trying to sell cheap Italian merchandise. I love this part of Rome as there was an atmosphere I can only describe as a buzz and thrill surrounding the crowds of people. Stopping for a refreshing drink, it was lovely to watch the world go by.

As evening rose, I got a taxi to Piazza Navona where I decided would be a scenic place to eat. Zooming on the ancient roads of Rome, I passed many monuments and stunning architecture I hadn’t yet had time to discover. Arriving at a square of fountains and restaurants, there were many more artists and street performers on display. Fontana de Quattro Fiumi was the feature in the middle, majestically lit under the Italian evening sky.


My final day in Rome and the weather was a spectacular display however, no where near practical. Thunder roared; lighting stabbed at the dismal sky; roads flooding at the rare and unexpected downfall. Trying to get a taxi was a nightmare but I got the tram to Termani and caught a taxi there. I eventually arrived at the airport where faced with flight delays and cancellations but fortunately, the flight back to London had only a 30 minute delay. Overall the trip was an amazing experience in a stunning city I have always wanted to explore, and would love to return to in the future.


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